Anyone who is capable of handling one or more of the volunteer jobs on a performance night, has a friendly and positive attitude, likes theater and does not mind working.


INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTEERING:  Individuals (1 to 4 persons) can volunteer by calling the volunteer committee chairperson, Kathy Gritis at 702- 378-5145, or by mailing in the form below!

GROUP VOLUNTEERING:  A group is made up of 5 volunteers.  For each performance we schedule one group of 5 or two groups of 5

 Contact:    There is to be one contact person per group that works with SUPER SUMMER THEATRE to make the arrangements.  The arrangements include:

  • Providing SUPER SUMMER with a list of the names of the volunteers.

  • Confirming volunteer date(s) and times (early in at 4:50 PM or late in by 7:30).   

  • Assuring that everyone in the group has transportation to the park.

  • Providing adult sponsors for youth groups – 1 adult for A group of 5.  Adult sponsors are also assigned jobs.

  • Anyone extra who comes with the group should have or be prepared to buy a ticket.

RECOGNITION:  SUPER SUMMER THEATRE will, upon request, provide a letter to your sponsoring group, including the names of each group member who volunteered and the number of their volunteer hours for the season.  If an individual letter is needed, we will be glad to provide that also.


Before our patrons arrive:

  1. Helping stuff the playbill into the programs.

  2. Cleaning up the meadow.

  3. Turning over the garbage cans and assuring they have bags tied to each handle and one inside.

  4. Helping carry products into the concession stand or memorabilia shed.

  5. Removing the chairs from the shed.

  6. Sweeping the walkway and/or hosing it down.

  7. Putting up the signs, which list all of the shows to-date.

 CLOTHING:  Wear comfortable clothing (remember, it is cooler at the ranch) and sensible shoes as gravel can get into sandals.  For some jobs you may have to stand for a long time.  Bring sunscreen and a sun hat in case you are assigned parking or tickets.

TRAINING:  Each night the SST Board Representative in charge of the area to which you are assigned will provide training.


    Early – 5 PM to approximately 7:45 PM.  Jobs include cooking and serving hot dogs,  making or serving various drinks, popping corn, etc.

    Late – 7:35 PM to approximately 9:45 PM.  Making popcorn and then cleaning the machine after concession closes or helping inside the concession stand with serving and then helping with cleanup.

MEADOW:  5:00 PM to approximately 7:45 PM.  Jobs include greeting patrons with a friendly smile and assisting them in finding a place to sit.  The SST meadow board rep will go over how the chairs and blankets should be placed.  When the patron traffic shows, check the trash cans to make sure they are not overflowing.

After the show, help pull the trash bags, placing the filled bags behind the cans.  Help clean up the meadow when the patrons start to leave so it will be clean for the next performance.

MEMORABILIA:  5:00 PM to 8:00 PM Help set up the memorabilia display and help with the sales. At 8:00 PM help put the displayed items away.  Remove chairs from the shed and prepare them for chairs distribution.  Help patrons carry chairs to the meadow, if they need help.

After the show help put the chairs away.

     GENERAL -   
4:45PM to 7:30 PM.  The SST parking rep will show you how we like the cars parked in the upper parking lot. Radios may be used.   
After the show, help pull the trash bags, placing the bags behind the cans.  Possibly help load the SST cart with trash bags that go to the dumpster. Bring hat and sunscreen!

    HANDICAPPED 5:00 PM to 8:00PM.  Direct traffic as cars enter handicapped parking from general parking. Cars DO NOT exit this roadway.  You will also be handling bus traffic.  You may also be in charge of Green Gate, which leads to rest of the park.  It is kept closed before the show starts. Only authorized vehicles (emergency vehicles, rangers and their families, police) may enter.  Patron traffic cannot enter, but all traffic must can exit.  
Control pedestrian traffic. Pedestrian traffic is controlled by stamping a patron's hand as they exit and checking for the stamped hand when they reenter. Radios may be used.  The SST Handicapped parking rep will help you with everything.

PROGRAMS -   5:45 PM to 8:00 PM.  Greet patrons and distribute programs.

TICKETS -  4:45 PM to approximately 7:30 PM.  Collect tickets, directing any questions or purchases to SST Ticket Rep.  Help count ticket stubs. Make sure you wear a hat and sun screen.

TOP OF TRAIL GUARD -  4:45 PM to 6:00 PM.  Radio will be used.  Patrons are not permitted entry until meadow is open.  Your job is to stand at the top of the trail and make sure only authorized SST Board members, volunteers and docents enter. At 6:00 PM, or when trail opens, return to Board table for further assignment.

HANDICAPPED ROAD TRAIL GUARD -  4:45 pm to 7:30 PM. Radio will be used.  You will sit at the point where traffic leaves the general parking lot to travel to the Handicapped Parking area.  NO PERSON should be entering the roadway on foot  to the pavilion or meadow and only people with handicapped placards/plates are allowed to drive down that road.  Board Rep will be nearby and will be able to help you if there is a problem.  

CAST/CREW TRAIL GUARD -   4:45 PM to 7:30 PM. All ID’s need to be checked before letting any cast/crew member down the trail.

THANK YOU:  We hope you will have a great time.Your volunteer help is appreciated by SUPER SUMMER THEATRE and by the community.  The only way non-profit groups like SUPER SUMMER THEATRE can provide high quality, affordable entertainment for the community is with the support of volunteers like you.   We hope to see you at the park!

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